Akther Bano

Akther sees beauty in everything around her; brightness of the white clouds, striking sunlight filtering through green trees. I am always trying to capture these emotions inspired by nature, in my work; concocting stories in my mind, illustrating them and bringing them to life through my work. Hoping that others too can feel what I felt and share with me the beauty that I see.
She paint's every day, not for practice but many reasons: (1) For the creative urge that cannot be suppressed, (2) To release stress and anxiety, filling her mind with bright colours and positivity; using physical hand movements to pass the hard hours, to see another day. Believe me; you will want to go further.
Painting a joyful expression and unfolding/discovering treasure....share with her feelings for the joy of being alive. With an emphasis on colour and light and how one affects the other at different times of the day, Akther's artistic inspiration is never far from her thoughts. The process of layering and blending the palette knife to obtain the right tone, texture and light is so important to her.
Akther's artwork is always intended to create visual stimulation and brain activity. I strongly believe that “artwork”, in a world where many people lead stressful and hectic lives, can aid a person’s well being and generate calmness. “Quietening the mind”, that’s the magic of Akther's art to let the viewer observe and absorb the colourful essence of Mother Nature.