Alan Yaffe

The word ABSTRACT is derived from a Latin word meaning “pulled away, detatched”, and the general idea is of something that is removed from physical reality. l therefore, invite you to view Alan Yaffe's work and enjoy the compositions, the forms, the textures and the colours without necessarily having to be able to relate what you see to anything in the real world. The title of each painting may suggest a link to reality but, very often, what I see will be very different to what you will see…for me, that is the appeal of abstract art.

When Alan take's hold of a blank canvas, there’s an excitement that’s he finds hard to hard to explain. The creative possibilities are infinite and for  Alan, abstraction offers up all those possibilities. Alan Yaffe's creativity is not bound by the real world and, quite often, not even by his imagination. Sometimes when Alan paint's in a planned manner, knowing, at the start, what will or won’t work. But often he doesn't begin with a clear idea. The beauty of applying paint to canvas is that he's able to let the image develop as Alan build's up the composition with layers, texture and colour until he arrives at an end point . . a finished painting. That end point often takes Alan by surprise in an amazing & uplifting way.

Creating art was a passion when Alan was a child, and it was his favourite subject all the way through school until I finished my A levels. Alan Yaffe wanted to move on to study art at college. That didn’t happen, and he put his creativity aside until he was 42, when I happened to see some abstract paintings in a gallery and thought “I can do that”……. and so he did! What started out as a hobby 18 years ago then became the start of a new career at the age of 54. In the last 5 years Alan Yaffe is delighted to have been able to exhibit and sell his work to collectors in both the UK and the USA.

Knutsford, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, New York, Baltimore, Austin and  Miami

We are happy to discuss your particular requirements for a commissioned original abstract painting to enhance your space whether that be home, office, or business.