Collection: Jakob

Jakob is a York based artist, who specialises in contemporary pop art. His passion for art was There since a young child but was only re-ignited once he left school and he could express himself fully through his work. 

He uses a wide range of painterly styles and is continuously pushing his creative boundaries to create his desired results.After an encounter with Jesus in 2018, Jakob's work started to change greatly and he made the character “trill-kid” who he uses occasionally to portray messages to his audience fuelled by his encounter.

Whilst trying to portray a message with some works he also gets a lot of inspiration from the Chinese art culture and likes using his imagination to create unusual compositions implementing different cartoon characters and exploring different tools, mediums and inconsistent techniques.

During the 4 years of being a full time artist, Jakob has had multiple exhibitions across London and worked for celebrities, influential figures and brands across the world and is continually gaining reputability in the art community.