Collection: Mattie Art

Originally from London, Mattie grew up primarily abroad in Costa Rica and Spain. 

The influence of experiencing different countries, cultures, and art hubs in Europe highly influence her vision. Mattie likes to push ideas, mixing contemporary styles with tropical, jungle themes and bold, bright colours. 

"I work with many different materials, I love to experiment. Trying out different media to create interesting and unique outcomes, be it textures or colour combinations, is what keeps creating fun for me. For example, maybe in one painting I will use enamel, acrylic, gauche and spray paints. It's interesting how you can play around with the materials to create energy and emotion, regardless if it’s completely abstract or portraiture." explains Mattie Art.

You might find Mattie Art creating street art, or working on a mural for a restaurant, or in her studio working on her next collection. But whatever she is working on you will certainly see bold colour and an undoubtedly tropical influence. 

Mattie is currently based between Manchester and Barcelona.


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