DaHexd - Self Portrait 18
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DaHexd - Self Portrait 18

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DaHexd - Self Portrait 18

Size - 61 x 92 cm

Original piece. Acrylic and Spray on canvas. 

David Hanley, better known as DaHexd is a creative and visual artist based in Manchester. DaHexd's works are figurative reflections of his own mental states, interlaced with observations about society using his own abstract style. DaHexd uses painting as a way to scrutinise darker experiences of his past and explore his dystopian view of the future, driving him to develop an understanding of mental health and how it influences our everyday lives.

Exploring his passion for psychology, his aim is to entwine mental states and artificial intelligence. DaHexd's latest collection Social Archetypes is perceptive of the thoughts and experiences we all go through in everyday life. He aims to create an experience whereby individuals will form a unique understanding of his work based on their own thoughts and personal anecdotes. He hopes this will lead to an understanding of creativity that may alter people's perception of how creative people function.