Gareth Tristan Evans (aka The Trunk of Funk) - Sphinx Mekhat #Skatedeck 2
Gareth Tristan Evans (aka The Trunk of Funk) - Sphinx Mekhat #Skatedeck 2
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Gareth Tristan Evans (aka The Trunk of Funk) - Sphinx Mekhat #Skatedeck 2

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Gareth Tristan Evans - Sphinx Mekhat #Skatedeck 2 

Size - 63 x 80cm 

Limited edition of 15

Signed, numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity 

 3 x 7 layered recycled Maple skate decks. Each deck is 20cm x 80cm. Total artwork is approximately 63cm x 80cm.

Design is a CMYK printed vinyl, which is heat transferred and laminated. Hand applied acrylics, Gold Leaf ‘Halo’, 24 Carat Gold Leaf, Silver and Copper Leaf discs.

Comes with 3 x Skatedeck Mounting Blocks and instructions to fit which gives the Skate Decks a floating appearance.

Singapore born, self-taught artist and maker, Gareth Tristan Evans is also known as ‘The Trunk of Funk’, a reference to his ‘maker’ background.

The reason for this moniker stems from the cleverly converted vintage suitcases that Gareth worked on and turned into high-tech Bluetooth speakers, though the making of these cases is now on hold as Gareth concentrates on his prints and original works of art.

Gareth, who is a mixed-media artist, has exhibited in across Northern England and Wales and his Geisha series, which you can find in our online gallery, has attracted great attention amongst collectors globally.

Gareth is somewhat of a perfectionist and says:

“Each piece of artwork that leaves my studio must reach my O.C.D. quality threshold.  Every time someone digs deep to purchase an artwork I have created, it touches me. I can spend hours applying metal leaf to a piece, but I remind myself that someday, someone, will treasure this in their home and what a privileged position that puts me in”.