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Welcome to Smolensky Gallery

Welcome to Smolensky Gallery, an art gallery founded in 2020 and based in Manchester. Our gallery is contemporary and eclectic, featuring works from both emerging and blue chip artists. We were founded with a simple mission: to make the art world more accessible to a wider demographic.

  • Heath Kane

    Echoing his mother words “somewhere I must gone wrong raising you”, Heath has not been one to stay on the straight and narrow path.

    With an insatiable curiosity for oddities and irregularities in life, Heath’s eyes are always open finding new things.

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  • Jacob Hess

    Jacob Hess is a self-taught artist who works and lives in the United States. The basis of Jacob's work is built upon using saturated colors along with abstract shapes. His work combines realistic elements with shapes using different textures, colors, and layering.

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  • Keith Haring

    Keith Haring is an American artist who is widely recognised as an icon of the pop art movement of the 20th century. He first began working in New York City, specialising in subway graffiti, before developing this into his well-recognised, animated style.

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