Collection: Akinyemi Oludele

As a life-time experience artist. Akinyemi Oludele has been drawing in rhythm furthering onto automatic art, combined with music with visual expressions. This process has contributed with music using visual expression the process includes a prolific body of work using inventive imagination and styles using a variety of medium, pastels, watercolours, oil paint, acrylics, collage, digital pen, charcoal and graphite.

Akinyemi Oludele is a Manchester based artist who has been making art for over 20 years. Often found in the heart of Manchester’s live music scene & nightlife.

Akinyemi began creating art in public at live venues, festivals & events. His inspiration ranges from theory of art philosophy to black history and political satire. Akinyemi Oludele has completed numerous commissioned painting for Black History Month and has captured numerous live events across Manchester.

He teaches to share his skills and vast knowledge spontaneously in community settings as he simultaneously creates his own drawings. Akinyemi Oludele loves the silhouette work or Aaron Douglas & Jacob H. Lawrence who is an African American who drew everything and everyone he saw but Akinyemi is more inspired by music and feeling rather than other artists.

He is a renowned figure in Manchester drawing in urban sceneries, live drawing sessions, live event, theatre, plays, poetry, protests, and public venues capturing an ambience of energy, colour, movement and time his artwork at gigs, festivals catch his attention to illustrate them in rhythm as they play. Music assists Akinyemi capture the as he dances through the canvas work.