Collection: Banksy

Banksy, the enigmatic and provocative street artist, has captured the world's imagination with his distinctive style and powerful social commentary. Originating from the Bristol underground scene in the 1990s, Banksy has remained anonymous, shrouding his identity in mystery while his art speaks volumes. His work, characterized by its stencilled technique and dark humour, tackles themes of politics, culture, and ethics, challenging societal norms and authority figures.

Banksy's pieces can be found on walls, bridges, and streets worldwide, turning public spaces into canvases that provoke thought and inspire change. Notable works such as "Girl with a Balloon," "Flower Thrower," and "There Is Always Hope" have transcended the streets, becoming iconic symbols of resistance and hope.

Banksy’s career—filled with art world pranks and political activism—has produced a variety of works showcasing the street artist’s wry sense of humour. Commissioned by Greenpeace to protest global deforestation, Banksy’s early poster Save or Delete (2002) features blindfolded characters from Disney’s The Jungle Book standing amidst a devastated landscape. Hilariously and tragically, Disney refused to have these posters officially published, making these items especially rare, as many were recycled or lost.

In 2005, Banksy pranked The Museum of Modern Art by secretly installing a painting of a Tesco Value soup can (a spoof on Andy Warhol’s famous silkscreens of Campbell’s Soup Cans) in one of its galleries—a hoax that went unnoticed by the museum’s staff for six days and inspired a series of Tesco Value soup can posters years later. Collectible Banksy posters also include promotional prints for his exhibition “Barely Legal” in 2006, his takeover of the Bristol Museum in 2009, the release of his film Exit Through the Gift Shop in 2010, and his dystopian artist playground Dismaland in 2015.

Smolensky Gallery features a wide range of Banksy Art Prints, Banksy Editions, and other Banksy works. This exclusive collection includes rare prints, limited editions, and other pieces that showcase the artist's versatility and impact. Each work in our collection is a testament to Banksy's ability to blend art and activism seamlessly, leaving an indelible mark on both the art world and society at large.