Collection: Chalk Zaldivar

Chalk Zaldivar (b.1989), a Philipino artist, presents a satirical take on social and political issues using exaggerated imagery and humorous text. He developed a distinct, recognizable visual language that makes light out of dark situations. His long tongue-in-cheek titles are part of the work, a technique he uses to tell a darkly comedic story and make it his own. His themes critique our non-confrontational society, advocating the practice of release and admittance of tension rather than internalization for the sake of political correctness. At first glance, his paintings and drawings appear playful and lighthearted, with pop and pastel colour palettes and cartoon-like images. Upon closer inspection, unsettling details emerge. Art is Zaldivar’s outlet for humour, and despite the forbidden territories he navigates, his perspective is not to be taken too seriously.