Collection: Ed Hicks

Ed Hicks was in photorealist pioneers 54 from 2002 and has been a constant fixture of the London street art scene since 2005 beginning with exhibitions in the now legendary Dragon Bar of old street.
After a number of years of commissions, live painting, brand collabs and international projects, he moved away from character work taking a more mature angle.

His work, these days (on and off the street) consists of large non figurative paintings evoking the sublime landscapes of the mid gothic period.
It stands oddly apart from the ubiquity of post- modern pop iconography.

Fire, brimstone, sunsets and eruptions all rendered in the tones of dawn or sunset.
And so this eventually, is where we end up, a duality of endings and beginnings, apocalypse and salvation.
Heady subjects for such a disposable culture as street art, but someone has to do it.