Collection: Jana Nicole

US-born, UK-based artist Jana Nicole is renowned for her exuberant mixed-media collages that fuse traditions of papercutting and relief sculpture with the raucous energy of pop art.

Her most recent series, Botanical Troupe, saw her awarded the prestigious Prix Puvis de Chavannes by France’s Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, the first non-French artist to receive the honour. This series mixes photographic and hand-drawn imagery with organic materials to explore the hidden worlds beneath our feet: mosses, mushrooms, fungi and the extraordinary mycelial networks that connect the natural world.

Previous works have included Portraits of the Self, for which Nicole interviewed pop icons like Norman Cook (aka Fat Boy Slim) and the Clash’s legendary frontman, the late Joe Strummer, in order to create unique and very personal portraits. Also, Cirques Des Enfants, vibrant collages which capture the enchantment of traditional circus, and Animal Attraction, a series of exotic anthropomorphic pin-ups.