Collection: Mr Doodle

Sam Cox, better known under the moniker Mr Doodle, rocketed to international success thanks to his lively interlocking designs, which he calls “graffiti spaghetti.” The U.K.-born and -based artist first embraced his doodle-centric persona while studying illustration at the University of the West of England in Bristol. There, he donned apparel covered in his signature patterning—boldly outlined figures which swim amid squiggles, smiley faces, dots, and other simple geometries. His sartorial eccentricity led a professor to dub him Mr Doodle. Since then, Cox’s work has exploded in popularity, earning him exhibitions in London and Seoul as well as countless collaborations with brands including MTV, Adidas, Fendi, and Puma. His work debuted on the secondary market in March 2020; by August of that year, his painting Spring (2019) had sold for nearly $1 million at auction. Cox has embraced the theatrical performativity of his Mr Doodle persona, wearing his hand-drawn clothing for public appearances and establishing an extended mythos for the character.