Collection: Tony Spink aka Neon Tony

Meet Tony, a South-East London native, whose passion for neon transcends traditional boundaries. With over three decades of experience as a glass bender, Tony has mastered the age-old techniques dating back to 1910, infusing them with his unique artistic flair.

Tony's neon odyssey began in 1989 during his apprenticeship at a prominent London sign company. What started as a trainee position quickly evolved into a love affair with neon art. Tony's realization that neon extends beyond commercial signage ignited a passion to explore its artistic possibilities.

In 2001, Tony followed his heart to Manchester, refining his craft within another neon sign company. In 2005, Neon Creations was born, a testament to Tony's ambition to unleash his creativity and redefine the boundaries of neon art. From the Bolton-based studio, Neon Tony garnered attention as a leading neon sign company in the UK, evolving beyond traditional commercial signage.

Tony's neon artworks are not confined to the walls of businesses; they have become sought-after pieces in both corporate and domestic settings. His bespoke creations adorn the spaces of major brands, high-profile musicians, and premiership footballers who seek the pinnacle of high-quality neon artwork.

While Tony didn't take the traditional path of a trained artist, he stands proud as one of the few neon artists in the UK who designs and crafts his own work. Each original idea takes him on a journey, with the finished piece often surpassing the initial visualization. Tony enjoys pushing the boundaries of neon art, combining neon glass with various substrates to provoke awe and make audiences exclaim, "I didn't know you could do that with neon!"

Embracing the ethos of "never stop learning," Tony imparts his knowledge to apprentices, continually exploring new ideas. Join Tony on his neon adventure, where light meets creativity, and discover the extraordinary world of neon art.