Collection: Nick Smith

Contemporary artist Nick Smith repurposes iconic artworks and distorts them through methods of pixelation. Smith meticulously arranges small chips of colour swatches to create a collage of pixels. Inspired by his 11 year career in design, Smith’s handmade collages explore complex art-historical concepts. As the eye adjusts, the artwork that inspired Smith’s creation becomes clearer and clearer; from the distortion emerges another, more familiar artwork.

We love how Smith uses the art of distortion in such a unique and effective way. Smith deliberately leaves his constructions open to viewer interpretation, sparking new debates and meanings. Nick Smith’s work brings the old together with the new, by creating striking limited edition art prints of iconic artworks, simply using the humble Colour Chip swatch. Using colour theory, Smith is highlighting both the complexities and subtleties of the tones in these classic art prints.

By juxtaposing classic art with modern digitalisation, Nick is making a commentary on the unforgiving culture of the modern digital world, whilst making the historic work relevant and accessible today, with his stylised pop art practice.