ALL GONE - Planet of the (Board) Ape Book

ALL GONE - Planet of the (Board) Ape Book

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Planet of the (Board) Ape Book

Limited edition of 1750 copies

Below is a summary of the year from 

"I am proud and very enthusiastic to share with you the new All Gone, The finest of street culture 2021. This new book continues to witness the creative force and abnegation that defines our beloved culture and the gamut of its industry.

As it has always done, our culture has managed to extricate itself from the general morbidity and continued to progress by renewing itself and seeking creative solutions to preserve its originality. If shining has been the culture’s obsession since the beginning, that’s because it regularly supplies itself with the required means: innovation, nonconformity the refusal to give up—and the passion of leaders who relish adversity instead of running from it. They know that’s where the truest stuff is born.

Street Culture has already given itself a head start in 2021 to continue to prosper and re-invent itself by quickly embracing the perspectives offered by the Metaverse and Web3. Confronted with the meteoric rise of NFT’s and other decentralized elements within the internet, it has not hidden behind the word "defiance", but instead embraced the word "confidence". Being able to adapt to technological progress with foresight has always given this culture a progressive edge. Consequently, 2021 has only accentuated its leadership in understanding and dominating the world of tomorrow.

To illustrate this pivotal moment, I thought it would be appropriate to invite NFT owners to participate in the creation of the two new covers. Like many, I have been fascinated all year by the tremendous emergence of the Bored Ape Yacht Club community. For me, the Bored Apes are THE graphic symbol of 2021, and they will remain in the collective imagination for eternity, as a marker of this era.

In the same vein, for 16 years now, All Gone has adapted and evolved in its level of selection and curation. Choosing has become a (very) complicated task. Deciding between projects that are unanimously accepted, those that strive for creativity, those that are lesser known but have much richer & more stimulating stories, those that now coexist in the real and virtual world…not really an easy task. We’ve soberly alluded to this paradox in 2020, and in 2021 it rings even stronger: while the world is going through a period of unprecedented chaos in the 21st century, All Gone has never had so many options to compose its pages.

Adversity has always stimulated Street Culture in a permanent way, as if crisis was not perceived as a barrier, but as additional motivation to conquer oneself and move forward. 2021 has inspired it like no other, renewing the flame and expanding the field of possibilities tenfold.

It's a marathon, not a sprint, but she'll still win the race…
And We’re All Going To Make It. (#WAGMI)"

Michael Dupouy,