Harland Miller - Hate's Outta Date
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Harland Miller - Hate's Outta Date

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Harland Miller - Hate's Outta Date (2022)

Size - 70cm x 100cm

Blue Screenprint

Signed and numbered

Limited edition of 125 


I have made two separate versions of this edition – not because it’s worth saying twice – although it is, but more evidently to do with the colours of two paintings I made on the same subject: one blue, one yellow.

I made them some years ago now, experimenting with how colour changes the way in which you read a text: pink for instance suggests levity, same subject in green has more gravity. These of course are primal responses to colour, but hopefully the colours in these editions will combine to create their own context – be it obvious, in which or under which, y’know like a flag, you’ll read the painting in the intended way… And while flags suggest collectivity, the text will have personal associations… of course. And without contradicting myself I hope we can come together here as individuals to say, ‘OK, looks like hate may not be out of date, But this, this is how we feel about it.'

Harland Miller


Hate’s Outta Date (2022) is an edition from Harland Miller’s dust jacket series in which the artist treats books as three-dimensional objects with their own unknown but personal histories of being read, re-sold, discarded, cherished, forgotten, re-found and even rebound. While Miller conjures this patina in the ‘beaten-up’ depiction of the books, he also uses his own titles to ground them in the present. In this instance, it is the aspect of maximalist expression, withered by history, that the title Hate’s Outta Date both challenges and evokes.