Collection: DS

Born and raised in the UK, DS is a name synonymous with the vibrant world of urban art. Their artistic journey began as a teenager, captivated by the burgeoning graffiti culture that adorned the streets of East London. Inspired by these bold expressions, DS embarked on a personal quest to develop their distinctive stencilling technique, a path that has led to a remarkable body of work that has garnered a devoted collector base.

DS's stencils are not merely mere replications; they are intricate masterpieces that elevate the art form to new heights. With an uncanny ability to capture intricate details without sacrificing depth or vibrant colour, DS has transformed stencils from a mere technique into a powerful medium for artistic expression.

Following their formal education in Fine Art, DS's reputation surged as the commercialization of graffiti gained momentum. Multinational companies sought DS's expertise to collaborate on creative projects, while their artwork found its way into prestigious venues like Harrods department store. The crowning achievement came when DS was invited to paint a bespoke car for MG Motors, showcasing their artistic prowess on a grand scale.

Today, DS stands as a true pioneer in the field of urban art, their work celebrated for its originality, technical mastery, and ability to seamlessly blend into both urban and traditional settings. With a constantly evolving creative vision, DS continues to push the boundaries of stencilling, ensuring that their legacy as a leading artist remains firmly etched in the annals of urban art history.