Collection: Edwin Ansah

Meet Edwin, a visionary photographer whose journey into the world of imagery began during the confines of lockdown. Hailing from the vibrant streets of Amsterdam, Edwin's path led him to the heart of Manchester in 2007, where he forged an unbreakable bond with the city during his formative years. It was this intimate connection that laid the foundation for his artistic exploration.

In a world gripped by uncertainty, Edwin found solace in the art of photography. Armed with a disposable camera and an insatiable curiosity, he embarked on a poetic pilgrimage through Manchester's night realm. Edwin sought to capture not just the physical essence of the city, but the bleakness and reality of the current state of affairs.

The barren city became Edwin's canvas, and it was within this environment that he discovered his passion for capturing surreal landscapes and natural, unguarded moments. Each photograph became a fragment of a larger narrative, inviting viewers to see the world through his eyes.

Starting his photographic odyssey with a humble disposable camera, Edwin embraced the simplicity of his tools; the limitations of his equipment only fuelled his creativity, resulting in images that brimmed with authenticity. Yet, as Edwin's vision expanded, so did his arsenal. Graduating to more sophisticated equipment, he uncovered new dimensions of control and expression. His lens became a conduit for experimentation, and with it, he breathed life into his photographs, infusing them with an ethereal quality that captivated the beholder.

As he navigates his artistic trajectory, Edwin is undoubtedly an emerging luminary in the realm of photography, a creator whose lens illuminates the beauty that thrives in both the visible and unseen corners of our world.