Collection: Jasper Cheng

Jasper is a painter and an architect currently living in the UK.

Although those are his main professions, he considers himself more simply as somebody who enjoys being creative. He finds satisfaction through expressing his ideas by producing works in various mediums, from painting to graphic design and architecture. 

Jasper’s current painting practice involves exploring themes of nostalgia and cinematography. Inspired by a current internet trend which explores memories from the 90s - early 2000s, Jasper who was born in 1999 finds himself in a world where his past is constantly resurfacing itself. From watching Tarantino films to admiring the multimedia artist Tyler the Creator, objects such as retro cars to film cameras attracted Jasper’s attention. Like many young people of his age, these “nostalgic” elements give Jasper comfort and entertainment in the period of his life where he began to discover the world as a young adult.

As well as absorbing content created in the past, Jasper tries to find excitement in his life by making artworks as an attempt to reinvent the past in the present. From celebrating the low definition film footages with soft edges in his paintings to framing his subjects in old analogue TVs, he hopes to create more entertaining content in the world, which people of his age can enjoy and people of other age groups to understand where we come from.