Collection: Magnus Gjoen

Magnus Gjoen, a London-born artist of Norwegian heritage, embodies the essence of urban contemporary art. With an upbringing spanning Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, and the UK, Gjoen's diverse background fuels his unique style and widespread acclaim. His works grace esteemed collections like the Haifa Museum of Art and the Daimler collection, while collaborations with Meissen and the Wallace Collection further cement his position in the art world.

Gjoen fearlessly challenges traditional ideas of beauty, fusing street art aesthetics with fine art techniques. Through captivating juxtapositions and skillful manipulation of mediums, he invites viewers to explore the intersection of past and present. His thought-provoking pieces breathe new life into forgotten paintings and transform powerful objects into fragile yet beautiful forms.

As an accidental artist, Gjoen's path from studying fine art and fashion design to a successful fashion career added a unique perspective to his artistic evolution. Now, his urban contemporary art offers a fresh take on timeless masterpieces, while infusing urban elements and contemporary relevance. Gjoen's work sparks curiosity and engages viewers in a dialogue about perception, challenging the boundaries of artistic expression.

Magnus Gjoen's success in the contemporary art world stems from his ability to evoke emotions and inspire introspection. With his accessible approach and visually captivating creations, he invites art enthusiasts to embark on a journey of rediscovery, where past meets present in an urban tapestry of beauty and contemplation. Explore Gjoen's urban contemporary art and experience the fusion of history, culture, and modernity through his captivating artworks.