Collection: Mel Hood

Mel Hood is an English artist based in Cheshire, England. Born in the South raised in the North. Through his life experience and travels, art has been a constant companion following him on his journeys, whether that’s Cumbria to Colorado or Hong Kong to High Peak. 

His pieces are influenced by his connection to the landscape whether that’s the open spaces of the deep mountain valleys or the fast paced metropolitan cities, his environment has always been at the core of his artwork.

Instinctively he is drawn to the natural image of his surroundings and questions its composition through different mediums, colours and texture whilst always exploring light and movement. He primarily gravitates to paint and mixed media where these mediums allow him to experiment with all forms of expression and establish a narrative and a new perspective. 

His work adorns the walls of art collectors in both corporate offices and residential homes in the UK, France, Spain, USA, Australia and the the far East. Mel has recently been invited to show his work in galleries in New York (USA), Madrid (Spain),Bogota (Colombia). A piece from his previous work was an entry to La Biennale di Venezia in 2002 with a conceptual design and more recently exhibited his collection ‘Order and Chaos’ at Northern Makes Gallery.

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