Collection: SheOne

James Choules aka SheOne is a British street artist famous for his abstract expressive pieces of art. Through his abstract designs, shapes, and patterns, SheOne creates unique monochromatic artworks on walls and canvases. Black color is SheOne's most important color, as he uses black to highlight the importance of the details in his mesmerizing artworks and lifts them off the surfaces, brilliantly making them even more conspicuous. He has developed his own style characterized by vivid movement and life expressed through an array of contrasting lines, vibrant colors, and signature shapes.

SheOne began painting as a teenager in the 1980s inspired by "the New York New Wave art scene that included Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat, and Futura 2000. Utilizing the spray can as his primary tool he started to explore the subject of the alphabet" and the alter-ego through wild style street painting and public art. He started to make permanent works for exhibition in the following decade and by the mid-2000's he had established an instantly recognizable, highly personal, and monochromatic abstract style. Often labeled as a pioneer of abstract graffiti, Sheone began to exhibit around the world. His impeccable artworks communicate through lines, shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks.

His distinctive technique and expressive approach to image-making lead to a wide range of projects with galleries, fashion houses, international brands, and collaborative product design. Today, working out of a studio in Barcelona he continues to push the boundaries of his materials and explore new and dynamic modes of output.